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Ideas for wedding rings photos.

Photos of the wedding rings are a “must have” in the wedding photo album. But photos in the box , as well as photos of hands of newlyweds with the rings are boring and standard. At Memory Shot KSK Photography, all photographers are creative and trying to get most beautiful and original photos. We prepare recommendations about shooting wedding rings. We hope our tips will be useful not only to a future bride and groom, but for photographers as well.
1. Look for reflection and symmetry.
The symmetric composition can provide a very good shot. It can be created by means of various manipulations. For example, having curtailed a tubule book sheets, or using reflection, the form of rings is harmonious in itself. Any reflecting surfaces will fit: glass, for example, sunglasses, granite, marble, and the varnished piano surface.
2. Experiment with lighting. The interesting lighting – christmas lights, candles, matches, flashlight (can add color film). Bengal lights look outstanding and add sparkles to your wedding photos!
3. Bright backgrounds and interesting textures. Wedding rings will look unique and original if you use an unusual texture. It can be textured fabric, for example, a veil or edge of the dress embroidered by beads, it can be sand, a tree, hay, or a stone.
7. Photos with food. Amazing photos can be shot by placing rings on fruits and sweets. Usually it is so many beautiful food at the wedding, so be creative and you can shot an amazing photo.
8. Personalized. Give preference to things and details which are connected with a hobby or kind of activity of newlyweds or a stage in their relations. The value of such pictures will be very high.
9. look around. Wedding day is full of fine details which can be used for wedding rings photos . For example, use bride shoes, or newlyweds champagne glasses, wedding bouquets and flowers are one of the most popular. But remember to be creative and do few different sets.
10. Use a macro lens. This type of lens is pretty expensive, and usually used only for few shots in the wedding day. But for the professional photographer it is very important to have the macro lens in the arsenal. If you want to add tremendous shots of wedding rings and other fine details, you will need this lens.
So remember wedding rings are one of the most important wedding details. So be prepared and we will be able to get your perfect photo. Let us know if you have anything to add. We would love to share ideas and tips with everyone.If you like our work and would like to have beautiful photos of your own do not hesitate to contact us! We work in Destin, Miramar Beach, Fort Walton, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Panama City, Panama City Beach, 30 A, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach. We also travel to another state by special request. 

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