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Pregnancy photoshoot

An exciting period of pregnancy is a rare and magical moment in life, which, of course, deserves a pregnancy photoshoot. Professional photographers have to be very creative to help couples keep memories of these special moments. Today we are going to help you with some pregnancy tips and ideas.

In most cases, pregnancy for a woman is a time for her beauty to bloom: her eyes shine, and her figure acquires more petite forms. However, some future mothers in this period are faced with a situation where the condition of the skin and hair deteriorates. There is swelling and other troubles. The professional photographer must be able to make pregnancy photos look perfect and show individuality of a woman at this beautiful time.maternity portrait

Interesting ideas for pregnancy photoshoot:

It is all about the baby.

In this type of shooting, all attention is focused on the baby. So in the photos the photographer needs to concentrate on the mother’s belly. You need to bring various props and accessories to the shooting: booties, an ultrasound picture, or children’s toys, a bow, beads, and other objects.  Lately body painting is very popular: bright butterflies, funny or just beautiful images – it all depends on your preferences and the style that you choose for shooting.pregnant portrait

Photoshoot in costumes.

This photoshoot is perfect for energetic couples with a great sense of humor. You can be pirates, ballerinas, angels, or use more traditional costumes. Costume pregnancy photoshoots always look original and give you bright and joyful memories.

Photoshoot with the husband.

It is one of the most popular pregnancy photoshoots. Because dad is existing as much as a mom. But remember, the baby still has to be the center of every photo. Shooting with the dad can be different: the father hugs and kisses the tummy, the spouses make the heart with his fingers, and future parents can build the name of the child with the letter blocks. You can hold the words “family”, “baby” or the name of the child if you have already chosen it. In this case, parents can dress up in the same T-shirts, or somehow emphasize their unity and demonstrate the general joy of waiting.

Outdoor pregnancy photoshoot.

When you are having an outdoor photoshoot, weather conditions and the amount of sunlight are very important. So you will need to ask your photographer what you should wear, what do you need to bring with you. Variety of clothes, make up, bug spray, comfortable shoes, accessories and baby stuff. Location is also very important, so don’t forget to do you research. City Park, historical monuments, an old noble manor, a seashore, favorite places in the city and much more.

Creative photoshoot.

If you want to have original creative photos, you need to have a variety of ideas. So use Instagram or Pinterest, it is going help you to find what you want and will be easier to explain to you photographer the idea of you photoshoot.maternity photoshoot

These are just a few things that can help you to make you pregnancy photoshoot more interesting.

  • baby booties and boots
  • wide satin ribbon
  • staff toy (Teddy bear, etc.)
  • Stork figurine
  • Knitting (knitting needles, thread)
  • the book
  • the husband (a very useful thing)
  • watch, hourglass
  • washable felt-tip pen or finger paints (write funny inscriptions on belly)
  • flower (gerbera, rose, peony, etc.) or rose petals
  • large headphones (for belly)
  • stethoscope
  • a can of pickles and a fork
  • watermelon, apple, orange
  • ultrasound photo
  • wings of an angel and the horns
  • heart
  • tape measure
  • globe
  • balloons or bubbles
  • good mood


– clothes (dress, long skirt and T-shirt, etc.)

– beautiful lace underwear

– large cut of fine fabric

– shirt (for example, white male)

– Thematic costume and items for the holiday (for example, a Santa Claus hat)maternity portraitIf you like our work and would like to have beautiful photos of your own do not hesitate to contact us! We work in Destin, Miramar Beach, Fort Walton, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Panama City, Panama City Beach, 30 A, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach. We also travel to another state by special request. 

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