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Wedding dress. Secrets of perfect wedding dress photos.

Wedding dresses can be long, short, mermaid or princess style – it is dress you will wear only once in a life-time, so it is very important to have the perfect wedding dress photo in your photo album!
1. Choose a suitable background. 
We will begin the morning of your wedding and photoshoot the dress before the bride puts it on. To have beautiful photos, prepare in advance a pretty hanger (any plastic, massive and dark options is bad) and a background for shooting. You can choose a monophonic background (for example, an empty wall in room where bride and bridesmaids are getting ready), another original idea: the dress can be spread out beautifully on the bed, to hang out on a balcony or even to hang up on a tree if the wedding takes place outdoors.
2. Choose the right accessories.
To show a beautiful cut on a back, choose a short veil or option without lace and an embroidery. The classic ball dress needs the right footwear – classic high heel or platform shoes will be perfect (after the ceremony they can be replaced with a more comfortable option). Pearl jewelry is perfect for classic dresses without lace and embroidery. For puffy ball dresses, you can choose a big sparkly necklace. Different dresses need different styles of jewelry. So try few different sets and find the perfect one.
3. Straighten you back.
First, it will make you look gorgeous in photos, secondly, you will be able to show the dress in all its’ beauty. But do not try to hard: unnaturally straight backs and intense shoulders will be very noticeable on a photo. Straighten you back and relax your shoulders.
4. Different angles of your wedding dress.
Each dress has a unique look. To find the perfect angle for your dress – wear the dress and pose in front of the mirror. I promise, you will find a perfect pose and angle. For example, for a dress with open back you will need a photo from behind to show your beautiful back. And the gentle flying dress very beautifully looks in the movement. You can run or turn around, wind will beautifully blow the fabrics.
5. Wedding dress has to be comfortable
Choose a dress in which you can easily move, and not just slowly walk with the groom, but also dance, be turned, jump, and run. Dress shouldn’t be too heavy, hot or tight. You have to breathe in it. Make sure that it doesn’t fall down, or rip anywhere. Otherwise instead of feeling safe and concentrating on your happy emotions, you will feel grumpy and nervous. And it will be much more difficult to get good shots.

If you like our work and would like to have beautiful photos of your own do not hesitate to contact us! We work in Destin, Miramar Beach, Fort Walton, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Panama City, Panama City Beach, 30 A, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach. We also travel to another state by special request. 

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