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Wedding flower bouquets. Find the perfect one for you.

Wedding flower bouquets. Find the perfect one for you.
How do you choose an ideal wedding bouquet? Every bride wants have the perfect wedding bouquet which will last all day and add to the complete bride look.
The choice of colors for your bouquet depends on the design of your dress, and style of your celebration. Therefore, at the first meeting with the florist you need to bring a sample of fabric of your wedding dress or photo; also photos where the ceremony will be held. Try to describe all details as much as possible. It is necessary to create a harmonious, beautiful image.
The bridal bouquet needs to complete te dress, not compete with it. The magnificent ball dress with a lot of lace and details needs a simple and elegant bouquet. Classic simple dresses can be combined with an extravagant bouquet covered with crystals, decorated by silk ribbons.
Check different forms and styles of wedding bouquets. Ask your florist to show examples of his/her work, and then you will pick form and style ask to add something unique to your bouquet (like sparkles or small photos of you and your future husband).
Give special attention to a bouquet handle. It is one more opportunity to express the style of your wedding day. Often, florists use fabric with the same color of all wedding theme. Be convinced that the handle doesn’t look too long or disproportionate. It is always evident, and can ruin the overall picture and looks ugly on a photo.
Bridal bouquet – is one of most important wedding accessories. You need to hold your flowers as low as possible. the bride is the center of everyone’s attention, so of course she can be nervous and stressed, and her protective mechanism turns on, and you subconsciously want to hide behind the bouquet. If you place your bouquet under a breast it cuts your body into two parts, and can make you look shorter and thicker!
I hope these tips will help you to choose perfect wedding bouquet. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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