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BONUS!!! All unedited photos are included.

GOLD WEDDING PACKAGE – $5000, 8 hours on location, 200 digital edited images, 2 photographers, contract, print release.
SILVER WEDDING PACKAGE – $4000, 6 hours on location, 150 digital edited images, 2 photographers, contract, print release.
BRONZE WEDDING PACKAGE – $3500, 4 hours on location, 100 digital edited images, 2 photographers, contract, print release.
CEREMONY ONLY – $1800, 1 hour on location, 40 digital edited images, contract, print release.

Gorgeous bride sitting on the bunch in Watercolor park and holding wedding bouquet
Perspective original wedding couple standing on the bridge at Watercolor, Florida
Eden Garden State Park wedding ceremony with old oak tree on background
Wedding couple portrait. Bride and groom holding hand and touching foreheads at Eden Garden State Park
Groom and his son waiting for bride to come for wedding ceremony at Destin, Florida
Beautiful bride candid portrait in the farm house in Destin, Florida
Stunning wedding couple standing by flower arc on beautiful beach in Destin, Florida
Bride and groom portrait with family golden retriever dog wearing bow tie in Desrin, Florida
Bridal party having fun, bridesmaids wearing flower robes and bride pop colorful confetti in Destin, Florida
Newly weds funny and goofy dance late night party in Destin, Florida
Panama City Beach, Florida emotional wedding ceremony, bride in tears of happiness
Military wedding couple portrait by old oak tree with floating veil at Pensacola, Florida
Groom holding his bride from behind on the bridge, bride holding her wedding bouquet at Watercolor Park, Florida
Bride sitting on the bench with bridesmaids behind her at Watercolor Park, Florida
Destin, Florida wedding professional photographer photo gallery and portfolio button
Wedding couple looking at each over with emerald color ocean background in Destin, Florida
Bride and bridesmaids wearing custom made robes, sitting on vintage bed in Destin, Florida
Wedding couple and bridesmaid party surprise funny moments at Eden garden State Park, Florida
Goofy and funny wedding couple eating carrot at Florida horse farm in Destin, Florida
Beautiful wedding dress hanging on beach house balcony in Destin, Florida
Wedding couple kissing with beautiful bay on background at Watercolor, Florida

We specialize in professional wedding photography in the Destin, Florida, area and are well known for our passion. We’ll document the special moments throughout your big day, so you can cherish them forever. Finding wedding photographers has never been easier with us. With our vast experience and various wedding package options to choose from, we’re the partner you can trust with your wedding photography. Wedding planning can quickly become overwhelming, but you’re in good hands with our professional wedding photography services and many years of experience.

With our expert¬†photography¬†skills and¬†techniques,¬†we¬†ensure¬†your¬†photos¬†will shine.¬†We¬†offer¬†many different¬†wedding¬†photography¬†packages designed¬†specifically¬†with our newly engaged couples‚Äô best interests in¬†mind.¬†We¬†offer¬†four separate¬†wedding¬†package options, which¬†include¬†our Gold¬†Package, Silver¬†Package, Bronze¬†Package, and Ceremony Only¬†Package.¬†One of the most¬†important¬†parts of your¬†big¬†day¬†is¬†to¬†simply¬†enjoy it‚ÄĒlet¬†us¬†capture¬†everything for you.¬†All our¬†packages¬†come with digitally edited images and a print release.¬†We‚Äôre¬†easy¬†to work with, and we¬†love¬†creating lasting memories for our¬†clients.¬†We¬†capture¬†every¬†part¬†of your¬†big¬†day, from getting ready to the last dance‚ÄĒ¬†our¬†professional¬†wedding¬†photographer in the¬†Destin,¬†Florida, area¬†is ideal for every¬†couple.



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